Effects of Divorce on Children: Change Equals Stress

Effects of Divorce on Children

Effects of divorce of children: As an educator, I found most of the physical and emotional symptoms experienced by children dealing with their parents divorce were related to the uncertainty of how divorce would change their life.

The more a child’s life stays the same, the less stress. 

Below are five of the most important areas to keep unchanged for the child:

  • Keep the child in the same school, if at all possible.
  • Make sure the child continues on with routine activities with friends, sports practices, etc.
  • Maintain the same level of one on one contact with each parent.
  • Provide the same structure as before; keep the same rules, same parenting philosophies, etc.
  • Allow the child to have the same level of decision making in choosing current and new activities.

Parents can reduce adding additional stress to the life of their child by reducing/controlling change. Parents who can temporarily put aside their own emotional turmoil about the divorce and jointly list all the ways they can keep their child’s world relatively unchanged will find their child fares better.  

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effects of divorce on children

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