Creativity Scores Going Down

“While IQ scores continue to rise an average of 10 points with each passing generation, researchers are finding the opposite is true of creativity scores. They’re going down.” –Nick Meyer

As Nick Meyer writes about the recent Creativity World Forum held in Oklahoma, he makes some strong points I’ve been attempting to make for years (my philosophy here). He states it well in this paragraph:

“You can’t open a newspaper without hearing about the need for innovative solutions to a variety of problems. Unfortunately you can’t get a truly innovative advancement in any field without functional creativity behind it, and you can’t get that without building imaginations. It takes practice in broad divergent thinking and intense convergent thinking. No amount of drilling facts and figures into kids’ heads will result in adults capable of innovating a cure for cancer or of making that next big technological breakthrough. That’s an old model based on old paradigms. If we want to push for innovation, we need to first push for imagination.” Read more: When Creativity Attacks

And: Resources to Help with Creative Learning

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