Hold Off on Techie Toys for Toddlers

Most of us try to be creative in our gift giving. However, Mark Scheerer, with Public News Service NY, reminds us (and Santa) to keep it simple when it comes to kids.

An interesting quote from his article is this:

“Dana Friedman says these days children are “natives” in the digital world, while their parents are “immigrants.” And she says that, before immersing kids in computers and high-tech gadgets, their creative and imaginative “muscles” need to be developed and flexed.”

The last paragraph is a bit odd as it suggests giving a coupon book to kids so they can spend more time with you. I think a child opening a coupon book would look about as thrilled as my son did when he three and received pajamas for Christmas.

If you are interested in learning more about why to hold off on techie toys for toddlers you can read it here: Keep it Simple Santa

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