Gifted Humor: Hairy Brownies

It was Teacher Appreciation Day at my school and in the teacher’s lounge there were many trays of desserts and treats brought in by the parents. I was relaxing and enjoying my lunch, while pondering all the various dessert options that surrounded me, when I noticed a plate of brownies which appeared to have some hair stuck to them.

Upon closer inspection, I was disturbed and a little freaked out to see most if not all the brownies were coated in hair and lint.

With parents and other teachers milling around the lounge, I didn’t want to call attention to the hairy brownies because I didn’t know who brought them or who had already eaten one, so I discretely dumped the platter in the trash.

Later in the afternoon my fourth graders came in for their afternoon gifted class and this is the conversation I overheard between two of my girls:

“Susan, why were you late this morning?”

“Oh, my mom sent in a plate of brownies for the teachers today and I accidentally dropped them on the floor of the bus. So, I had to wait and crawl under the seats and gather them back up.”

I spun around and looked at Susan with dismay, “Susan, what did you do with the brownies after you picked them up?”

“Well, I took them to the teacher’s lounge for the teachers.”

Trying to remain calm I asked, “Did you think maybe you should have thrown them away since they might not be safe to eat after rolling around on the bus floor?”

Susan pondered this for a second and said, “But, my mom will ask me when I get home if I put the brownies in the teacher’s lounge like she asked, and she’d be really mad if I told her I threw them away…”

That precious little girl is now finishing her third year at one the top colleges in this country. They all mature eventually!

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