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Recently I began seeing Pinterest posts popping up in my Facebook news feed. Not being familiar with Pinterest and being someone who hates being left behind, I Googled this new word and learned Pinterest is one of the hottest new websites on the internet and has quickly gained ten million users after being chosen by Time magazine as one of the best websites of 2011. For others, like me, who are tardy to this party, here is a short definition from Pinterest’s website: Pinterest is a virtual pinboard which lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web.

Pinterest seems to be much more popular with women than men and while I have yet to sign up, I do find merely perusing the site to be inspirational. There are many creative ideas and amusing postings on the homepage collection which is constantly changing based on what others are pinning to their boards. Some of my favs are the organizational ideas and goofy cat photos… but that’s just me. I also see very creative cooking ideas and craft projects…that’s not me but maybe that’s you! If you find you are in need of something to inspire you or just make you smile, check out Pinterest here: Pinterests Most Popular Pinnings

If you are interested in joining the craze, here is a good article on how to get started: Beginners Guide to Pinterest

As someone who is holding out on joining another social media site, I’m interested in knowing your thoughts on Pinterest.

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