Gifted FAQs

Gifted Children: FAQs

I am wondering if my toddler is gifted. What are the characteristics of gifted children?

Many parents would like to believe they are raising a budding Einstein but wonder if their toddler is truly gifted. Such analysis makes sense as only about 2% of the population is gifted. Identifying gifted children…
Read More here: Bright or Gifted?

How can I challenge my gifted child at home?

As a teacher of gifted children parents have often asked me what they can do to challenge their gifted child at home. Before the parent looks for outside activities, they may want to look at… Read more here: Challenging the Gifted Child at Home

I can’t seem to get along with my child’s teacher. Any ideas?

There may be a time as a parent or as a teacher, where regardless of the other person’s behavior; you have to take the high-road for the sake of the child. It is not always about winning, but rather doing the right thing. Read more here: Solving Parent Teacher Communication Problems

My child is constantly complaining about being bored in class. Should I step in and tell the teacher?

What does it mean when your gifted child tells you they are bored in school? To some parents it may mean their child’s teacher is not doing their job. Read more here: When the Gifted are Bored in School

I would like to request that my child be moved to a different class because my child is not clicking with the teacher and frankly, neither am I. Any tips of how to go about this?

It is important to note your child’s happiness with the assigned teacher has limited value. However, if the selected teacher is someone your child “hates” but likes most of the other teachers, you will want to pursue a change aggressively because if your child genuinely dislikes the teacher, learning will be compromised. Read more here: How to Request a Different Teacher

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