Buying Textbooks Online

As a college student I was always amazed and distraught with how much it cost to buy textbooks each semester. Now with online buying, campus bookstores have much competition and you can save a lot of money buying online.

When my own son began college I called to see how his first day of classes were going.
He replied, “Well, ok but I don’t have my math book yet.”

Frustrated I asked, “Why on earth did you not buy your books ahead of time?”

My son replied, “I did, I ordered them from China because I found if I ordered black and white generic versions of my books, without illustrations, I saved a lot of money. But they’re not here yet.”

While I appreciated my son’s nod towards thriftiness, there is an easier way.
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Buying textbooks through Amazon or other online sites saves money. This is the safest and most reliable way we have found to save money on textbooks.

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