Bright or Gifted?

How to Tell If Your Child is Bright or Gifted

Many parents would like to believe they are raising a budding Einstein but wonder if their child is bright rather than gifted. Such analysis makes sense as only about 2% of the population is gifted. Identifying the gifted child is important as they will need challenges beyond the regular classroom to develop to their full potential. Gifted children benefit from being with their peers and from participating in a differentiated curriculum.

What you should know:

When you compare traits of a bright child and a gifted child you will see the gifted child is overall a more intense, active and creative individual. For example, a bright child will have good ideas and find classroom work easy to complete. However, the gifted child will actually come up with their own projects, beyond the classroom and will have original and abstract ideas. Gifted children are highly curious. Rather than just knowing the answer, the gifted child will be the one to bombard the teacher and parent with questions. However, the more introverted gifted child will seek their answers in books or the internet.

Often the gifted child is their own worst enemy because they are more self-critical than a bright child. Due to a gifted child’s passions and intensity, they can sometimes be seen as trouble-makers. Because of these traits gifted children are not always the best students in the class and may even develop a dislike of school.

What you can do:

Unless a child is quite brilliant, it can be difficult to identify them as gifted prior to the age of eight or nine. Brain development may occur…

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